Saturday, March 13, 2010

In case you missed it ...

Smokers packed into the lounge at Romeo's Downtown Pipe & Tobacco Co., a nice mix of old friends and new. And amidst the talk of failed tobacco taxes and advanced fly fishing techniques, there was a lengthy conversation about cellaring and aging. While we understand our questions more clearly, we definitely didn't find any answers.

In our discussions, we agreed on a few basic principals. Jars are better than bags. Tins are preferable overall. Virginias age well for quite a long time. Burleys, not so much. Aromatics, generally not at all. And latakia mellows, which may or may not be preferable to the smoker.
What we really did was start a conversation that may never end, but it is an enjoyable topic for continued talks for many years to come, letting our words and discussions become richer as they age with our tobacco. I invite any who wish to join us next month when we'll again gather to talk and smoke and laugh. There will be a new topic to discuss: We've chosen to talk about pipe packing techniques, so there is plenty of information and numerous divergent views on the subject.

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