Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tweener shapes

On an intellectual level, it should be easy to name the shapes. You can tick most of them off on your fingers, right? We'll start with the common billiard, and then it's wild cousin, the Dublin. We'll toss in the fraternal twins, Canadian and lovat. There's the bulldog and the rhodesian, the poker and the cherrywood. We can run through the food and drink shapes, the brandy and apple and tomato and acorn. Don't forget the blowfish and the calabash, the wild shapes on the fringes. I can't think of any more off the top of my hand, so let's consult the chart.
"Borrowed" from Iwan Ries
Somehow I missed the Oom Paul, some how. How sad, considering how many of them I have. And the Zulu and the volcano (which is truly sad, considering how much the European volcanic ash has been in the news). And what the heck is a lumberman? I don't remember that one, or the cavalier, really. So there really aren't any left that don't fit, are there?
I came across a shape today at Romeo's that I hadn't seen before. I described it as a "stacked tomato," but it also had a bit of a freehand feel, or maybe it was a prince. And then there's that cutty that came through the shop that looked a little like the picture above without the nob at the bottom. And it kind of looked a little like the skate pipe that... that also isn't on the shape chart.
And there's a tankard that looks like the poker and the cherrywood or maybe a cross between, as if they were that far apart already.
Come to think of it, there's no saucer on that chart either, and without the acorn I mentioned earlier. Or is the acorn really a strawberry? I don't know if I'm moved more by the words of Shakespeare, who wrote, "A rose by any other name is just as sweet," or by the words of a forum friend, dukeofbluz, who said, "Why aren't you smoking yet?"

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