Saturday, March 26, 2011

TOPS Fifth Thursday Meeting

It seems like we just had one of these, but I'll never turn down a Fifth Thursday TOPS meeting.

Fifth Thursday, of course, means movie night, and Frank spent part of today getting the details of our entertainment in order. We are still in need, however, of a movie. Any suggestions, please let Frank know.
And if we had nothing but a movie lined up, it would still be worthwhile, but there are other items on the agenda.
The biggest one is the conclusion of our raffle. At our regular meeting earlier this month, we named the winners of the Greg Pease pipe calendar and the Christiano pipe. That still leaves the Casa Magna cigars and the growing pipe tobacco assortment to give away. That also means anyone who wants to enter (or enter again) has until Thursday. Tickets are available at Romeo's during regular business hours and are still only $5 each, but TOPS accepts cash only.
All the raffle money will be used to buy furniture for the club-sponsored smoking area at Romeo's, and that brings us to the last of our agenda items. As Frank continues to put his new shop in order, he is coming to the point where he is ready to buy the furniture and wants to discuss it with the club first.
We meet Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m., but some come early, some come late, and all should come ready to smoke. PS, don't come with a pre-loaded pipe. It just robs you of an opportunity to share in a blend you've yet to discover. Sure there's more than one opportunity during the night, but why miss out on any of them.

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