Thursday, March 3, 2011

Romeo's is moving!

Please try to be calm, but Romeo's Downtown Pipe & Tobacco Co. is leaving downtown Rogers. After more than two years, the shop has outgrown its original location, and circumstances have made this the time to find new digs.
The new shop will be at 220C N. Walton Blvd. in Bentonville, sharing a building with Radio Shack, across the street from O'Reilly's.
The new location gives Romeo's more space, and renovations are already underway to make the new shop as enjoyable for an afternoon smoke as the old shop was.
The big move is scheduled for Monday, with the new shop opening Tuesday, March 8.
It's the beginning of a new era for Frank and his little smoke shop and the following they have found in northwest Arkansas. Frank has big ideas for his new shop, and, as the consummate storyteller,
Oh, and there's one more thing. Romeo's is no longer in downtown, so Romeo's is getting a new name. Starting Tuesday, it will be Romeo's Uptown Pipes & Cigars.
Hope to see you all there.


  1. I can't wait. I belive this move will proof to be good and profitable. Good luck.

  2. Outstanding news!

  3. My best wishes and can't wait to see his new shop!

  4. Renovations will begin early in 2012 to expand the Smoking Lounge. The Walk in Humidor will be modified to accommodate an even larger selection of premium cigars and a wider selection of packaged small cigars. The bulk tobacco bar will be added to, making it even more accessible to customers. The tin tobaccos are being expanded as well. Come in and meet Frank Romeo, sit and enjoy a cigar or pipe. Never smoked a pipe before? Well, Frank will take you from a-z, never any charge for advice or assistance. Come be a part of the Pipe Renaissance-a healthier and less expensive alternative to cigarettes. Also, ask about the pipe club "TOPS" and the newly formed cigar club.

  5. New Hours:

    Monday-Friday 10am to 7pm

    Saturday 10am to 5pm

    Closed Sunday