Saturday, March 26, 2011

All around Uptown

With Romeo's moving from downtown Rogers to uptown Bentonville, more changed than just where we light our tobacco. The places I stopped on the way to Romeo's are now in the other direction. While others may and probably do have different priorities, my first task was where to grab my favorite lunch.

Across the street and a few yards north from Romeo's, the sign says Sushi Ya, which, as fare as I can figure, means sushi place, so I guess the name could be more original. Inside, I found a man I took to be the proprietor, probably his wife, and a waiter, all three of whom were extremely friendly as I waited for my to-go order. The restaurant's decor is rustic, liberally using wooden fixtures and decorations. With a different menu, it could have felt very much like a log cabin, but the touches of Japanese culture made it feel authentic.
But who cares what it looks like if the food is good, right? And the food was good. I ordered their larger sushi lunch special, which let me choose three different sushi options. I ended up with a full roll each of spicy tuna and a crunch roll, along with a half rainbow roll. Rather than change the price for the more expensive rolls, he charges the same amount for a half. That may bother some, but I prefer knowing what I'm going to spend ahead of time, and the half rolls keep my wallet from being surprised.
Whether you get the half or full roll, it's worth it. The taste is fresh and light and satisfying, and the texture is absolutely perfect. The delicacy was well worth the money, and the money is still less than other sushi places not far away.
The sushi-eating pipe smoker may not be the most familiar of images, but my mouth and my stomach don't care about archetypes.

If you go: Sushi Ya is still close enough to the Walmart Home office to get a healthy lunch rush, so come early, come late, or come prepared to wait.

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