Sunday, February 14, 2010

Others joining in

I'm posting a link here to The Eager Beaver's Briar, where Justin Bain has posted an interview with Jeff Steinbock from Uhle's Tobacco Company in Wisconsin about the proposed pipe tobacco tax in H.R. 4439.
It does look like The Ozark Pipe Smokers and Steinbock are on the same page when he says:
Local groups, shops, etc. need to band together and fight, putting aside economic competition.
It's a good interview, one that doesn't pull any punches or make believe that a simple petition is going to change the voting outcome. Yes, I know TOPS is sending out a form letter, but that is only the start to help us present our position our representative.

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  1. I think the only way to combat this is for someone to organize and expose it for what it really is.

    It is not about tax revenue to fund SHITS or health. It is all about politicians in bed with tobacco (Philip Morris). Yes, Phillip Morris the company that filed the new name "Altria" with the SEC to obscure itself.

    Altria broke ranks with the other tobacco companies a few years ago. Altria has the largest cigarette market share but it is shrinking about 3% a year along with the smoking population. The introduction of new products is impossible to difficult as tobacco products can not be advertised. So they got back in bed with the politicians, not with the intent of changing the laws but as a means to tax it's competition out of business with the likelihood of their customers moving to Phillip Morris cigarettes.

    If the real purpose behind the legislation were exposed for what it is the sheeple in this country would realize that the revenue stream for SHIT is not going to materialize, meaning it will really go on the tax payers back. Waking up the sheeple is the only way I see that this legislation can be stopped.

    Fume in pace,