Saturday, September 27, 2014

We're hosting the World Pipe Smoking Championship!

The Ozark Pipe Smokers are hosting the World Champion Pipe Smoking Contest & Convention, Oct. 3-5!
TOPS is a member of IAPSC and will host this year's event in Bentonville, Arkansas. There are some fringe benefits for attending and competing (free pipes and tobacco). Plus, we got Missouri Meerschaum's Phil Morgan to give the keynote address!
It's a long-smoke contest, which basically means you everyone gets the same amount of tobacco, everyone lights, no one relights, and the last one still smoking wins.


October 3rd
6:00pm Hospitality Room opens, everyone is welcome
October 4th
9:00am Vendor & Contest Registration Booths open
2:00pm IAPSC Smoking Contest begins
 7:00pm Fabulous Southern Style Buffet Banquet Awards Ceremony directly following Dinner
October 5th
 8:30am Group Breakfast at the DoubleTree Bistro 301 (free to those staying at the hotel)
General Business Meeting directly following Breakfast

 For a prettier version of this information, click the link below:

Now, just in case we haven't tempted you enough (I did say free pipes and tobacco, right?), check out the menu for the banquet.

Main Course;
Pecan Smoked Chicken
Beef Brisket
Southern Style Ribs
St Lewis "Sweetie Pie's" Famous Mac N Cheese
Bacon Fried Green Beans
Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Smokin Baked Beans
Corn Salad and Garden Salad
Cream Corn Muffins/Yeast rolls

Pecan-Praline Cheesecake
Assorted sweets

Coffee, Sweet & Unsweetened Tea, Minted Lemon Spritzer and Hot Mulled Cider

So here's the cost. The convention is free to the public. The competition is open only to club members, but you can become a club member for the prorated rate of $5. Just for showing up, you'll get a free pipe and tobacco (while supplies last, and we have a lot of supplies). Those who compete will receive two more free pipes (well, except for the last place guy, who gets one pipe and a box of matches, because apparently, he needs the matches more). The banquet costs $30 per person, but please let us know soon if you're planning to dine with us so we can ensure an accurate head count. If you've got questions, call or visit Romeo's.

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