Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tallman sweeps Thursday's giveaways

Murray "Tallman" Farr swept the two remaining raffles, getting lucky on the pipe tobacco assortment and the Casa Magna cigars. Of course he was generous enough to pass the box before he left with most of the sticks.

There's the stash, and an impressive one it was.
The raffle raised $600 that will go toward furnishing "The Ozark Pipe Smokers' Smoking Lounge at Romeo's Uptown Smoking Pipes and Fine Cigars" (official name under review in hopes of finding something shorter). As always, pipe club meetings and lounge are cigar-friendly. All puffers of legal smoking products are welcome.

We have another meeting in two weeks, and I encourage you all to be as prepared as Michael in the picture below. Note that his hat brim is holding both a pipe and a cigar.

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